Mindful Nutrition and Wellness

Jessica Miller, Holistic Health Coach

Exercise and Fitness

I try to find exercise in a variety of ways. Just walking each day has decreased my anxiety and stress, and has been a great way to wake myself up in the morning without caffeine.  If this was my exercise each day, this would keep me pretty healthy. Whatever type of exercise you choose is less important than just getting up and moving your body.


Exercise needs and styles very by individual, but daily movement is crucial for all of us. Do what feels good and makes you happy. Exercise should not be a chore, and it should be prioritized.  Make time to take care of yourself.

*Choose exercise according to your mind-body type

*Increase intensity:- this means some days of sweating hard and getting your heart rate up.

*Track exercise and thank yourself for working out

*Take a holistic approach: Focus on cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility- not just one or two areas

*Mix it up and workout outdoors when possible- working out in nature is great for stress relief

*Exercise early in the day to help you make healthy choices later and to prevent you from making excuses about exercising after work.


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Photo (top): Brooklyn, NYC 2013 (bottom): Cloud Forest, Colombia 2008


3 thoughts on “Exercise and Fitness

  1. I wish I had an Equinox conveniently located near school or my apartment! Sounds amazing. Hard to get excited about going to crappy LA Fitness in the morning when I know that things like Equinox exist ; )

  2. Nice tips for exercise. It is very important to practice the holistic approach of fitness and exercise.

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