Mindful Nutrition and Wellness

Jessica Miller, Holistic Health Coach

2 thoughts on “what is real food? and if i’m not eating food, what am i eating?

  1. Great post Jessica, love it! I’ve changed my lifestyle this past year and a half and can’t believe I used to eat some of these things thinking they were the “healthy option” LOL. I’m going to post a link to this on my own blog if that’s ok. I started studying with IIN in February so only just started my blog and I think your post would be fantastic in the links section 🙂

    Daz 🙂

    • Daz,

      So great to connect with you! Congrats on already starting your blog after only two months- that’s great- and thanks so much for sharing my article- no permission needed- it’s great to broaden the share circle 🙂 I am totally with you on the “healthy” option realization- “diet” foods were always healthy to me until I discovered whole foods 🙂 Best of luck- I look forward to staying in touch!


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