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sleep better tonight: part 1

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Create a sleep “cave.” 

Why are bears able to sleep so well? Because they sleep in dark, cool caves- these are the best for long, deep sleep.

You need to make your sleep space completely dark and turn down the temperature. Lower temperatures help your body to cool down faster which is what happens as your body moves into sleep mode. Temperatures between 60-67 in your room are best.

It’s also important that your room is completely dark. It’s great to wake up with the sunrise, but to fall asleep, you want your windows covered, lights turned off, and you can even cover the light coming from your clock if it’s too much. If covering up sneaky light sources is tough, sleep masks work great!

Start your fast 3 hours before bed.

Sleep is so important for cell repair and recovery (read: looking younger and slowing the aging process).  When you eat right before bed, your body continues the digestion process throughout the night, and the activity in your gut can not only disrupt sleep, but digestion through the night also prevents your body from focusing on repairing itself. This repair time is essential for the body to take care of itself and an empty stomach helps to speed up this process. Put down your fork at least three hours before bed.

Try these two simple steps and over time you will notice deeper and longer sleep.

Photo: Cuenca, Ecuador 2007


Author: Mindful Nutrition and Wellness

Holistic Health Coach, mindfulnutritionandwellness.com

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